Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Sage

Look upon the man who tells you your faults
as a revealer of hidden treasure.
Associate with the sage who sees clearly
and speaks reprovingly.
Only good can come of this.

The sage counsels, corrects,
deters one from base behavior.
Seeing good, he is pleasant.
Seeing bad, he is unpleasant.

Do not choose vulgar companions.
Do not associate with low people.
Associate with noble companions and worthy friends.

One who drinks deeply of Dhamma
Rests at ease with a clear mind.
The sage delights always in Dhamma –
the great noble Truth.

Irrigators straighten water.
Fletchers straighten arrows.
Carpenters straighten lumber.
The sage straightens himself.

Like a boulder in the wind,
the sage is not stirred by praise or blame.

Like a deep, still lake,
the sage is clear in the presence of Dhamma.

The realized man is attached to nothing.
The wise do not make small talk for enjoyment.
Sometimes visited by pleasure,
sometimes visited by pain,
the sage is neither elated nor depressed.

Do not for your own or for another’s sake
crave children, wealth, or empire.
Do not pursue prosperity at all costs.
Be virtuous, noble, wise.

Few in this world cross to the far shore.
The multitudes scurry back and forth on the near bank.

Only those who live Dhamma cross to the far shore.
It is difficult to break free of death.

The sage turns his back on darkness
and walks in light.
Moving from the familiar to no place at all,
he lives a solitude few can enjoy.

And there he finds bliss.
Free of possessions, free of desire,
free of all that clouds the mind.

One whose mind has been stilled by Awareness,
who enjoys with indifference freedom from bondage,
who is pure and radiant in this realm of dark passion –
such a one, even in mortal life,
has realized Nirvana.