Saturday, March 4, 2017


Give up anger.
Surrender pride.
Cut all ties and bindings.
Misery cannot befall one who is bereft of possessions,
who is unattached to name and form.

One who can hold back arisen anger
as if controlling a runaway chariot, I call a charioteer.
Others merely clutch the reins.

Overcome anger with no-anger.
Overcome evil with goodness.
Overcome selfishness with generosity.
Overcome falseness with truth.

Speak the truth. Refrain from anger.
Give when asked, even if you have little.
By these three traits one knows the presence
of the radiant gods.

The wise ones, who do no harm,
who restrain the body, mind and senses,
enter the immutable abode, and having entered,
grieve no more.

Those who are ever-wakeful,
who observe the Way day and night,
who are wholly intent on Nirvana,
cease to be intoxicated by illusion.

It is an old saying, Atula, nothing new:
"They criticize one who sits in silence.
They criticize one who talks too much.
They criticize one who talks in moderation."
No one in this world escapes being criticized.

There never was and never will be –
nor is there existing now –
a person wholly criticized or wholly praised.

But who dares criticize one
who day after day is observed to live impeccably,
who is intelligent, wise, and established in virtue?

He is as pure as a coin of Jambunada gold.
The wise praise him.
The radiant gods praise him.
By Brahma himself he is praised.

Guard against anger in the body.
Be patient and refrain from harmful deeds.
Practice right action.

Guard against anger in speech.
Be patient and refrain from harmful words.
Practice right speaking.

Guard against anger in the mind.
Be patient and refrain from harmful thoughts.
Practice right thinking.

The wise ones, who are self-controlled
in body, speech, and mind,
are indeed masters of themselves.