Saturday, March 4, 2017


Truly, we dwell in contentment.
Surrounded by hatred, we feel no hate.
Living among those who hate,
we do not abide in hatred.

Truly, we dwell in contentment.
Surrounded by sickness, we are not sick.
Living among the sick,
we are free of sickness.

Truly, we dwell in contentment.
Surrounded by restlessness, we are not restless.
Living among the restless,
we abide in stillness.

Truly, we dwell in contentment.
We have nothing.
We are nourished by bliss like the radiant gods.

Victory causes hatred.
The defeated dream of revenge.
One who has given up victory and defeat
can sleep in peace.

Nothing burns like desire.
There is no greater evil than hate.
Nothing is so painful as existing in a body.
There is no greater joy than Nirvana.

Craving is the worst disease.
Material existence is the worst suffering.
Knowing this is the way it is,
one realizes the bliss of Nirvana.

Health is the greatest attribute.
Contentment is the greatest treasure.
Trust is the greatest kinsman.
Nirvana is the highest bliss.

Having embraced solitude and stillness,
having been released from fear and delusion,
one realizes the rapture of Dhamma.

It is good to associate with the wise.
To be in their presence is always a delight.
To never suffer the presence of fools
is also a delight.

One who associates with fools
walks a long road of sorrow.
Being with a fool is like being with an enemy.
Being with a sage
is like being with a beloved kinsman.

So if you meet someone who is aware, insightful, wise,
someone of enduring virtue, devotion, and nobility,
someone clear and real –
follow such a one as the moon follows the earth.